Performance Management Courses

Our Performance Management Courses improve the decision-making capacities of a leader in a situation-room through the strengthening of the Leadership and the ability to read events and numbers in a quick and effective way.

Performance Management Courses

Have you ever happened to see a Team Leader, with a good leadership, being deadlocked about economical indicators of an order or of his area in negative?
Have you felt, as a certainty, that the Call Center is inevitably a cost?
Who among the Call Center Managers knows which is the profitability of his area?
What can he do to improve it?

RisorseCallCenter combines a great deal of experience in the training field with a long-standing expertise in the operational management of Call Centers.

In the management of our Performance Management Courses we developed sets of business cases to work alongside Team Leaders and Call Center Managers:

  • Ability to interpret the operating numbers
  • Reading an income statement
  • Identify the right daily decisions in the situation-room

The Team Leader and the Call Center Manager train to understand, through a crescendo of complexities, WHAT to observe, HOW to  make a decision, WHEN to share it.
This course is usually designed with our Clients. We share numbers and decision-making and organizational rules that differ in every company.
Our training courses are always spread over time to support  the changing and the preservation of what was learnt.

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