Coaching courses for call centers

We have often observed that collective training sessions, powerful and activating, speak to the attendees in a different way: everyone takes his point, chooses his personal training and works.
It is very important to know how much this matches with the real need and the real turning point for a performance change.
Furthermore: it is vital, for each attendee, to understand what can really work in his training.

Coaching course for call centers

Why giving coaching courses to operators, team leaders or managers of  call centers?

Imagine a person who wants to train for New York marathon: he can study, monitor his time, he may even be the most motivated and determined person. The support of a personal trainer may nevertheless be decisive.
Coaching, for that single attendee, makes the difference; it allows him to run New York marathon!

Our coaching method for Call center retraces methods and patterns that each of us, Partner, Trainer and Coach, has acquired in many years of work, study and experience in the field.

Structure of coaching courses for Call Centers

  • Determination of the target to reach (such as the achievement of a wish or a problem to solve)
  • Determination of the desired future (that is more than expressing the target);
  • Determination of the attendee’s potentials that can help to achieve the target;
  • Formulation of an Action Plan;
  • Analysis and action by obstacles, partners and environment;
  • Sequence of micro targets
  • Results towards the target set

This scheme clearly draws some of the main methodological assumptions we comply with:

  • The observation point is “here and now”
  • In this context we analyze and train the person by observing and supporting him both on the organizational, professional and individual level;
  • We work on the attendee’s target: neither the company nor  we can set a focus : a contract is therefore  stipulated between attendee and coach, within the business context;
  • The course is measurable and measured and the company in this sense sees and observes the changes; conversations as such between coach and attendee remain confidential.

Courses target of coaching for Call Centers

The target is always to activate individual resources to modify and/or improve behaviours in order to achieve one’s own goal.
More tools can be used within coaching courses  in order to allow the attendee a better self evaluation: assessment, test, trials.
In our experiences we also use drills, stratagems and methodologies which help to release the attendee.

Structure of a coaching course for operators, team leaders or call center managers

The coaching course is structured in 90 minutes multiple sessions: typically a course provides about 6-8 sessions that are previously agreed with the client. Between each session there is an interval of about 20 days on the basis of the intervention and of the actions defined in the various conversations.


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