Assessment services

RisorseCallCenter can boast a great experience in Assessment Services management, especially for Team Leaders and Operators in the selection phase.
Through group dynamics, tests and simulations, we test competences and aptitudes of the applicants for the role.
The work that precedes the real assessment consists in defining with the Client, the different competences and their level in order to get an objective observation.
After the provision a ranking of the applicants is made and a brief overview is given to the Client.

Assessment services

We also provide assessment of potential , within the Development Center, for the development and growth of people.

Needs analysis

This phase aims to:

  • Analyze the initial situation
  • Understand the roles involved
  • Detect  and share the competences to verify
  • Define the necessary tools in the assessment action

The planned actions are interviews, mentorship in the room, sharing of the competences we will measure, and tools planning.

Assessment provision

In the second phase we interview the attendees following different methods:

  • Single interview
  • Group dynamic
  • Test on computer skills
  • Relationship with the customer through in pairs simulations

The activity will be lead by two assessors in order to guarantee uniformity and neutrality in the observation.

Data processing

After the assessment day the results for the following analysis will be elaborated.
The report will provide the evaluations of the assessors compared to the self- evaluation of the attendee. A collective report for the Management will be provided as well.

Personal and collective feedback

After the presentation of the report to the management, RisorseCallCenter will manage the delivery of the results to each attendee and  the Management with a development proposal of the observed areas for each person.


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