Why training telephone Operators for inbound selling?

Have you ever wondered why selling performances are so hard to get, and if you get them, you get them in an apparently fortuitous way?
Have you thought that if the price was cheaper, everything would be easier?
Have you thought by chance that cold calling may be only the result of a talent?

Telephone Operators training inbound selling

Cold calling today mainly develops on two channels: Inbound Selling and Outbound Selling

Outbound selling today is more and more subject to rules designed to safeguard respect for privacy : it is more and more difficult to succeed in catching the attention of the called person.
For this reason today it seems faster and more productive to invest in the call made by the client himself , to provide assistance, create a positive relationship and therefore refine our inbound selling skills.

Training dedicated to telephone operators inbound selling

The basic training contents are related to how to build up an effective and valuable relationship with the interlocutor and how to build a need and a feedback related to what is offered.
The work includes a combination of actions with a sharing of the goals to reach and a subsequent sharing of the achievements for a guidance of the training strategies.
Our pattern includes:


Technical contents: focus on successful communication. Selling techniques: from basic to advances techniques. For
Advanced attendees: training on the STATE OF MIND.


Goal: training the hierarchical chain and the Team Leader’s ability to keep high selling results. RCC complement the Team Leaders in their training for telephone operators inbound selling to train the chiefs to deal with projects of selling Coaching.

Active Lab

Goal: comparison between equals in order to learn through observation and sharing.
Learning also goes through interactive practice. We analyze the calls in real time detecting room for improvement.

Training dedicated to Team Leaders and Inbound selling call center Managers.

Goal: refine the techniques we pass to operators responsible for the selling.
Support and mentorship for the operators to improve the results through a constant improving pattern.
Supportive models for Leadership can be added to these patterns.
Our training courses are always spread over time to support the changing and the preservation of what was learnt.

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