Coaching courses for call centers

We have often observed that collective training sessions, powerful and activating, speak to the attendees in a different way: everyone takes his point, chooses his personal training and works.
It is very important to know how much this matches with the real need and the real turning point for a performance change.
Furthermore: it is vital, for each attendee, to understand what can really work in his training.

Coaching in selling and in the pursuit of leadership

A  pattern we very often use with sellers and Team Leaders is the Coaching Shadow : we complement the seller or the “chief” in the pursuit of his activity, we observe him and we deliver the attendee our observations. In this way we guarantee a virtual circle and we work on the immediate implementation of the improving actions we explored.

Team coaching

The work in a Team can also be guided with Team Coaching.
We use this method to facilitate the achievement of individual and team goals through sessions that support  discussion and guide to informed decisions of the team.


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