Coaching in selling and in the pursuit of leadership

A  pattern we very often use with sellers and Team Leaders is the Coaching Shadow : we complement the seller or the “chief” in the pursuit of his activity, we observe him and we deliver the attendee our observations. In this way we guarantee a virtual circle and we work on the immediate implementation of the improving actions we explored.

coaching in selling

We usually dedicate to this pattern half a day or a whole day.
About every hour we concentrate on the feedback and on the sharing of concrete actions to initiate, which are constantly put in place.

Advantages of Coaching Shadow

  • This pattern is very effective.
  • It allows the immediate implementation and therefore the immediate exploration of resistances and traps.
  • It allows a vision of the actions and not only of the words of the attendee, making a more powerful vision and giving the possibility to guide through questions and metaphors .

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