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About  EnergeticaMente

“A great opportunity for growth and personal knowledge with great suggestions to improve both personal and working quality of life”

“I don’t think you can define  courses those offered by RCC group lead by Valentina Serri. I would rather consider them as experiences of mutual comparison, as parallel parenthesis to a business reality that contribute to enrich our day-to-day life. (…)
Entering the course expecting to receive a suggestion concerning a merely working reality and leaving relating what I learnt to every field of my daily life.
Don’t expect therefore didactic notions; don’t expect to remain sitting, quiet and all dressed up; don’t be shy to speak, take part to the debate.  Feel almost at home, wear comfortable clothes, open your mind and feel free to express your curiosity, to deeply explore your weak and strong points”

“An experience rich in practical and theoretical moments useful in our daily life and in our job”.

About VocalMente

“Congratulations for competence, expertise and niceness. You succeed to make effective a course that deals with important subjects through professionalism and freshness. Thank you!”.

About Team Leader Courses

“ Very useful course, based on concrete matters and on our daily life”

“It would be interesting to focus again in a while on the positive communication”

“Very useful for my job, and it would be useful as well to have a monthly session about the feedback management , which is very important to us, and to have further advice about this subject”

“ It is sized on what we really do and therefore in this case the specificity evaluations were perfect, and so were the suggestions”.

“ Speed, Simplicity and Trust: three easy words that represent the course…
Speed: in just one day theory, practice and report. Wow!!
Simplicity: few slides and simple notions with the goal to understand the difficulty in action giving everybody the possibility to match the new notions with the competences already achieved.
Trust: a new way to learn which excites you, engages you, and most of all conveys a lot of enthusiasm…”


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