Recruitment and head hunting

RCC has built, through years, a solid network and a large database. Today we can spot the best applicants for Call Center Managers positions, Site managers and other various roles for Call Center throughout Italy.
The selection process will be included in a wider context of business planning: it will represent a close link between corporate planning, organizational structure, Human Resources management and organization of the contact center.

Recruitment and head hunting for call center

The research and selection process planned for the Profile research is structured as follows:

Definition of the recruitment channels among which:

  • RisorseCallCenter database
  • Possible advertisement on Network Recruiting Sites
  • Alert in the RisoresCallCenter database
  • On-line advertisements (to define together if there are any preferences)
  • Direct research

Screening curricula on the basis of the criteria  defined with the client and of the job description emerged.
Pre-selection through phone interview to verify motivation, real interest in the role offered and to deepen some aspects of the Curriculum Vitae ( carried out with evaluation report).
Motivational interview for the shortlist: the selection procedure continues  then with individual interviews, aimed at verifying the applicants’ motivation to confirm the previous evaluations.

In short, the main goals of the individual interview are:

  1. Verification of the presence and coherence of the applicant’s qualifications according to the necessary characteristics of the position to hold;
  2. Introduction of the company in more details ( we will need them when we start our researches)
  3. Clear and accurate explanation of the activity offered
  4. Communicating a good image of the organization
  5. Collection of all the information concerning the applicant and checking of the veracity of the information collected in the previous steps

During the interview and at the end of it the contents emerged are schematized through the compilation of a personal detailed report (which will go with the final applications presented).


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