Training workshops between role and person

Call Center telephone operators today are often people with a lot of experience in the phone world, who also have qualifications and many years of experience.
Offering standard courses (e.g. Phone Skills) assuming they are useful tools for corporate targets, you risk to be ineffective. People, meanwhile, feel tired, swamped and under pressure. That’s why people need to work on what they really need!

Training workshops for call centers

RisorseCallCenter firmly believe in these training workshops

We work on the well-being and personal development of the telephone operators.
Not only do we aim to increase the value of the relationship with the company, but we encourage the contractor to willingly and actively improve his own performance.

We have developed three workshops, already attended by hundreds of telephone operators and Team Leaders:


  • Increase the effectiveness in the relationship, becoming aware of one’s own vocal physiology;
  • Improve the technical use of your voice and use it in the relationships with intention;
  • Understand how to best use your voice, both on the physiological side ( to nurture one’s own physical well-being)  and on the relational side ( the virtual circle with the interlocutor).


  • Understand the key role of one’s own emotions and the management mechanisms of personal energies;
  • Experiment at mental and body level the defense mechanisms, action and reaction to personal and professional life stimulations;
  • Grow one’s own ability of management and channeling energy always having fun.


  • Transfer value both to the product and to the customer through communication skills of presentation and relationship;
  • Start from the Self to understand the vital attention necessary to have an effective presentation;
  • Focus the attention on the communication skills necessary to “persuade” the customer and work on one’s own limiting beliefs and on the strengthening of one’s  own functional routines.

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